Tuesday, February 5


This is our memorizes of our drama that we have done for subjek English 3. So that I will keep it to remeber it with my friends..

            1.class teacher:
2.Student : 

3 student entered the classroom

Ayu: What is your plan after our class?
Aliza: Like usual, we do our project
Ayu: Look Aliza, Norly is hardworking. She is doing some revision.
 Teacher did not comes to teach us yet.
Norly: It's ok Aliza. I like to do some revision before we start the new chapter.
Ayu: Uh!! you study hard but you not even get an A's for your exam.
Aliza: What subject now norly?
 Norly: English suject. Why Aliza?
Aliza: O Yeah? That fatty, big giant teacher ya right? hahahaha...

English teacher enter the class with 1 new student.

Teacher: Good Morning class...
Student: Good Morning teacher!!!
Teacher: Ok, tday all of you will get a new friend. Class, this is Hamizan. Hamizan please introduce yourself now.

Teacher: Ok classes are you clear now? Now do you want to ask anything to Hamizan?
Ayu; Hamizan, Are you girl or boy?.
Mizan: I'm a boy ok.Won't you notice?
Aliza: Oo yeah?
Norly: Hey Guy's! He is new student so don't bully him!
Aliza: Ok. So Where do you live Hamizan?
Mizan: Of course at  Malaysia. 
Aliza: Oo.. I see. I though you from PAris.
Ayu and Aliza: LOL( lot of laugh)
Teacher: Ok Hamizan. you can take your sit now.
Mizan: Can i sit beside you Aliza?
Aliza: Who are you want to sit beside me? huhhh..

Hamizan feel very sad and have sad faces.

Teacher: it is enough class. Be matured. Don't get rude. Now i want ask you about the homework yesterday.
Aliza: Homework? What homework? 
Teacher: Yesterday i have given you all a topic about public speaking about family. Aliza i want you to start now.
Aliza: Me?? Last night, my family not a home so i don't know.
Teacher: I don't want to know where your family going. I want you to telling me about your family.
Aliza: Tomorrow I will tell you teacher.
Mizan: Oh no..Hahaha..I think your clever but...
Aliza: you shut up!!
Teacher: enough Aliza. You may have sit now. Ayu, now your turn.
Ayu: Sir, what you want to know about me?
Teacher: You can tell me anything about your family.
Ayu: i don't know Sir. Ermmm...Yesterday, I  was hang out with Aliza. So i didn't prepare anything. 
Teacher: Nevermind Ayu. I'm so fed up with your attitude. When your guy's want to change attitude. Please!! Change yourself to be matured. Norly, keep on eye in the class because i want to take my book at my office.
Norly: Ok Sir.
 Aliza: Hey Hamizan!! Do you have any money to give to me?
Mizan: Yes, but for what purpose?
Ayu: Those who have sit beside Aliza must pay for the site.
Norly: Hey guys! Don't do like this.Pity him.

Aliza and Ayu then snatch Hamizan wallet and throw away Hamizan IC card and key chain.
They stole Mizan money.Hamizan go out of the class with crying.

Teacher: Where are you going Hamizan?
Mizan: somewhere.
Teacher: Norly, tell me what happen here? anything should i know?
Norly: Aliza and ayu bullying him Sir. Now Hamizan go to toilet because his money was stolen by them,
Aliza: Norly...!! you better shut your mouth!!
Ayu: you did not see anything happen right know.Right?
Teacher: Enough Aliza, Ayu. comes here.Give back Hamizan wallet money and his name card.! 

Ayu and Aliza then were given rattan at their hand. They were asked by teacher to seek forgiveness from Hamizan and promise not to repeat bully again.


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